Latest 'textile experiments' Latest 'textile experiments' A flower A flower made by hooking hand dyed shaped pieces of wool through a linen backcloth. 108197866 Sunflower Made from an old blanket and a tweed skirt my friend found in a charity shop! Pieces of woollen fabric were cut to shape and then hooked into a linen backcloth. The centre was made from loops of tweed skirt which were then trimmed to form a mound. 108201343 Wild Wacky Woman I made this wild wacky woman for Clare for a very special birthday! 'When I am old I shall wear Purple...' 148338558 Haiku Poetry booklet I attended a Frances Pickering Workshop and started work on this tiny booklet. Since then I have made seven more - each one smaller than the previous....all contain Haiku poetry. 105326274 Haiku books A few tiny books in which I've written Haiku Poetry...made from painted Vilene and Lining Paper. Beads and handmade cords added. 108474365 Nora Nora was made from a Jan Horrox Pattern...good fun to make. 108473229 'Pathway to Peace' Silver Lining A set of Two Panels. Each small shape is made from an empty Photo film Box and then filled with stitch. 108474753 Cushion Manipulated circles of felt provide an interesting panel on this black felt cushion. 105326289 Savage Mill here it is again.... I used a Spectacle Case for this tiny Linen Press.... Inspiration from Savage Mill, Columbia, USA. 105326300 Button Bag Clare gave me this printed hessian bag - I stitched on the buttons. 105326261 Wrist Cuff A wrist cuff made by gathering fine exotic fabrics onto a background strip. Beads and a magnetic fastener were then added. Georgina now owns this wrist cuff. 105326254 Box canvas A covered box canvas...using a remnant of quilted fabric. 108198921 My Journals Over the past 25 years I have created many journals. I use them for entering everyday notes and also for design ideas.... 105326283 Stitched vessel This fabric vessel is folded origami style. I then added further embellished triangular shapes and a tiny 'folded thingy' for the centre. 105326298 Paper and Printed Vessel I attended Janet Edmond's Workshop at Art Van Go in September 2010 - from this I created several small vessels all made from paper. Plus one made from stitched fabric. 105326297 Shibori dyed felt by Clare I made the felt into a notebook/album and added beads and yarn. I gave this book to Carole. 110289688 City of Diversity (centre panel) detail of kantha stitch hanging approx 90 x 45 cms. This hanging was exhibited in St Albans Cathedral during November 2010. 105326264 On going project On going project - watch this space! 6840604 Red Bag This Red Bag was made with left over scraps of 100% Dupion silk prodded through hessian. It is lined in cotton. 112750600 Necklet I devised a way of making pendants for silver necklets using a rug hooking technique and dyed Colinette yarn. Wire and beads added. 139339922 Design for next rug hooking project Paper cut out ceramic pots used as an outline for the next project.... 149460851 169179533 Pots onto linen Ceramic pots design transferred onto linen ready for hooking with Wigwam yarn. 149462658 Holly Dog Designs A beautiful brooch I bought via Folksy website - made by Holly Dog Designs. 150249308 Printing Workshop with Jamie Malden Dyed cotton fabrics layered and over printed with fabric paint using Indian Print Blocks. 153921432 Peacock Printed onto dyed cotton 153921433 Indian Elephant Using a wooden Indian Printing Block I printed this elephant onto a layered printed background of cotton. 153921434 Paper Printed papers 153921435 Apron Printing with Indian Wooden printing blocks onto cotton apron. 153921436 Barkcloth to Artcloth one shoe 'upper' to be made into shoes for 'Hands Up for Uganda' charity project... 187264982