Beneath The Waves Beneath The Waves Beneath The Waves Well done Year is just one of the many underwater scenes created during our one day workshop... 156452967 Water Colours The pupils of Year Five used water colours to create these amazing artworks of an under the sea theme. 156452970 at the end of the day... Year five pupils placed their Beneath The Waves artworks on the floor as a 'temporary exhibition' - what an amazing selection. 156452971 Amazing fish and Starfish Super underwater scene. The wavy lines of beads really make that fish look alive! 156452986 So proud I was so pleased to see how many different tchniques Year Five pupils learned and used throughout the day. 156452972 Octopus Such a wonderful Octopus! Hiding under that coral reef! 156452975 Great Artwork A lively underwater scene...some interesting techniques used here. 156452976 Coral Reef Sequinned Starfish and lots of other interesting plants and creatures... 156452977 Seahorse A very proud Seahorse here with lots of other great coral reef plants... 156452978 another octopus swimming The corded sea creature is superb. The whole scene looks wonderful. 156452979 Beads and Glitz A wonderful assortment of beads/fabric/paper and felt shapes all turned into an underwater scene. 156452980 Blue sea The blue background makes this scene look so real.... I like the way the starfish is peeping through the seaweed 156452981 Flowers of the deep blue sea Some lovely flowers here. I like the cheeky octopus and that corded curled up sea creature... 156452982 Beneath those Waves a wonderful assortment of creatures and plant life here....well done. 156452983 fringes some of Year Five made fringes using batik cotton fabric...some lovely flowers here too... 156452984 Cording Everyone had fun with the cording machine... 156452985 Great Work Well done Year five...An exhibition on the cloakroom floor! 156452973